Contract Packing and Cardboard Packaging Services

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Whether you need simple one-off packing or ongoing - you can trust Packlogica to deliver quality service every time. You can leverage our automated infrastructure to reduce packing costs regardless of your volume.

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We deliver on-demand corrugated cardboard packaging for small and large volume customers. Our just-in-time methodology reduces ongoing storage needs and enables you to respond to peaks and dips in demand.

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Automation is within reach of most businesses in Australia. Reduce the need for up-front capital expenditure and ongoing maintenance contracts through leveraging our investment in adaptable robotics.

Contract packing and packaging services

Product Receipting

Packlogica can accommodate container deliveries at our 5,500 sqm warehouse and store your product in bulk before packing commences reducing the need for you to store on site.


Automated pick & pack for retail unit sizes, multi-packs and special SKUs. Our fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual lines combine robotics with manual labour to cater for straightforward through to complex jobs.


Our facility has the capability to produce plain or printed corrugated cardboard packaging on-site. Printing on demand can reduce packaging stock held. This can also reduce freight costs of shipping cardboard outers from one supplier to another.

Our optimised team of robots and people also ready products for distribution. Goods are palletised and wrapped ready for shipment to your customers.


You can coordinate shipping from our site direct to your customers. Alternatively, our freight partners will handle this task for you.

Freight and Shipping

Quality Assured Contract Packing and Cardboard Packaging


Our facility is certified to meet the stringent standards as set out under ISO 9001:2015. We also maintain our own quality assurance program to ensure that all work done in our facility exceeds both our own and our customers standards.