Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

Whether your needs for cardboard packaging are large or small we can produce at our facility. Standard packaging or special requirements can all be accommodated on-site.

On-demand printing can reduce the storage requirements for your packaging stock. 

Our facility can manufacture all standard and non-standard products such as:

  • Standard corrugated cardboard packaging in all sizes - Open-top boxes, flat pack boxes, flap boxes and inserts e.g. wine or other dividers
  • Special corrugated cardboard packaging in all sizes - specially designed unique to your product requirements
  • 1 or 2 colour print on corrugated cardboard
  • Specialty die-cut requirements - e.g. air flow for food products
  • Food quality packaging
  • Single, bi and tri-wall corrugated cardboard

On-Demand printed packaging reduces storage costs

The cost of storage continues to increase in Australia and our facility combines all the equipment we need to produce corrugated cardboard packaging alongside our packing lines. This delivers the ability to produce outer packaging as it is required rather than bulk producing and storing. This further reduces the overall cost of the packing.

Quality Assured Contract Packing and Cardboard Packaging


Our facility is certified to meet the stringent standards as set out under ISO 9001:2015. We also maintain our own quality assurance program to ensure that all work done in our facility exceeds both our own and our customers standards.