Consistent cost and quality


Optimising labour costs through varying manufacturing cycles can be challenging. Managing labour is simpler through the use of a contract packaging solution. Utilising robots and optimised labour delivers cost benefits to organisations through:

  1. A calculable and accurate cost per unit
  2. A consistent quality of output with less errors
  3. Reduced need for packing zones in your own facility

Packlogica can deliver immediate cost benefits to your organisation. This is delivered through a combination of scale, robotics and automation. 


We remove the time and cost of automating your own facility. Robotics improve efficiency and deliver significant benefits compared to human labour. Our facility has multiple production lines with over 10 configurable robots per line. Our production lines are configurable to most FMCG products within a short amount of time.

We have a R&D team on-site specialising in packaging robotics and automation. Our customers enjoy the benefit of our team's knowledge and experience on all customer projects. Our goal is to continuously introduce improvement to drive efficiency and reduce cost.

Manual, semi-automated and automated contract packing


Our team are responsible for specialised packing, emergency failover and excess capacity. The team is a scalable resource for organisations looking to optimise their workforce. 

Our team also provide critical feedback as we work with customers to drive continuous automation.


Optimising robotic processing for repetitive tasks delivers significant advantages over human labour alone. We combine the best aspects of both to optimise packing for our customers. Our people and machines are monitored throughout continuously to ensure quality control.  

By leveraging the strengths of people and robots we achieve efficiency through scale.

We were the first to introduce robotic-based contract packing company in Australia. Historically, robotics have been accessible only to larger businesses. Producing quality at scale will always be problematic for any business without automation. As labour costs have continued to rise, more and more production has been driven offshore.

Our approach delivers efficiency to businesses of all sizes and helps to keep jobs and resources in Australia by keeping the processes here.


Quality Assured Contract Packing and Cardboard Packaging


Our facility is certified to meet the stringent standards as set out under ISO 9001:2015. We also maintain our own quality assurance program to ensure that all work done in our facility exceeds both our own and our customers standards.